Undeterred by a resounding defeat at the United Nations, Israel's government said Monday that it would move ahead with thousands of new homes in East Jerusalem and warned nations against further action, declaring that Israel does not ?turn the other cheek.?

Kerry on the sidelines of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) said North Korea must respect international law or wait for real consequences of its actions.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov discuss U.S. proposal for closer military cooperation on Syria on the sidelines of a meeting of Southeast Asian nations in Laos.

A American political analyst said: Washington could not be “trusted” in its fight against the terror group as mounting evidence suggests that it is only trying to “contain” Daesh and use it to the benefit of its own regional interests in the Middle East.

Secretary of State John Kerry met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday at the Kremlin to discuss a new proposal that would coordinate Russian and U.S. forces in Syria to try and hasten an end to Syria's five-year-long civil war.

despite Italy acceptation of Yemeni Guantanamo inmate, still 78 detainees have been held without charge or trial for more than a decade in the haven of American-style torture.

senior U.S. Air Force official said on Sunday International demand for U.S. weapons systems is expected to continue growing in coming years due to international chaos .

Top U.S. commander says Afghan forces' casualties climbing in 2016 as result of Taliban attacks on fixed Afghan positions.

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