U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Monday said NATO considers to rotating four battalions of troops to Baltic countries as a new tool to counter Russia appearance in EU.

A Russian fighter jet flew dangerously close to a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft on Thursday in the latest military provocation by Moscow over the Baltic Sea, the U.S. European Command said Saturday.

Two Russian jets flew in a simulated attack passes close to a U.S. guided missile destroyer in the Baltic Sea on Tuesday, the U.S. army said, with one official declared them as one of the most offensive interactions in last memories.

Obama will request $582.7 billion in funding for confront Russia and China growing power.

Scientists have left the hands of the Doomsday Clock unchanged from last year at 3 minutes to midnight, citing a lack of efforts by world leaders. The clock is a symbolic countdown to global disaster.

US officials and commanders in the Coast Guard and Naval forces have pushed for an expansion of the US military presence in the Arctic.

Foreign policy was a hot topic during last night’s Democratic Presidential Debate. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders both discussed how to address the terror-ridden hot spot of Syria and how to deal with a more aggressive Russia.

Russia’s aerial campaign against terrorists in Syria is ten times more successful than that of the United States, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem told Sputnik.

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