poll reads that 9 in 10 young adults support criminal background checks for all gun sales.

A new Pew Research Center survey suggested that majority of Americans think individual racism is a bigger factor than institutional racism of discrimination against Blacks in U.S.

The number of heroin users in the United States reached around one million in 2014, almost three times as many as in 2003. Heroin-related deaths there have increased five-fold since 2000.

Former California Senator Ron Calderon pleaded guilty in a federal court on Tuesday and will be in prison for 70 month instead of 20 years because he reached an agreement with prosecutors to reduce his indictment.

Justice Dept. says Nevada prisons discriminate against inmates by illegal separation of prisoners from HIV and those without the virus.

Five homeless people were found dead on Tuesday inside a burned-out office building near downtown Los Angeles

Drug overdoses and falls have been the main reason of Accidental deaths in U.S., the National Safety Council said.

Millions of Americans experience homelessness every year, and yet they’re outnumbered by vacant homes and government-owned buildings.

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