A Colorado woman was arrested Saturday after her 2-year-old son was left inside a vehicle in sub-zero temperatures overnight.

The movie theater chain that owns a Colorado cinema where 12 people were killed in a 2012 shooting spree will not pursue $700,000 in legal costs the company incurred fighting an unsuccessful lawsuit, court records showed on Tuesday

Colorado voters will decide in November whether to legalize physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients under a ballot question approved on Monday, a proposal opposed by some religious and disability-rights organizations.

Sunday Train-car crash death toll in Las Animas county in Colorado now stands at five. Five out of six passengers in the SUV died right away following the collision with an Amtrak train, according to Colorado police.

Colorado schools evacuated students as a result of receiving anonymous bomb threats on Monday.

Rachel Einspahr is accused of using two children she was watching to help her rob a bank — a heist allegedly planned to help her pay back money stolen from her employers.

The case of James Eagan Holmes, young man how killed 12 people in a cinema theatre in Colorado goes to the jury, medias reported on Wednesday.

Despite abusing six women A Colorado nurse can stay at his work till investigations. Police have since uncovered more allegations against Moore through hospital records and women stepping forward after learning about his arrest in the Fort Collins case.

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