100 people in Virginia are on deportation list

2016/05/15 12:03

As Immigration and Customs Enforcement is planning a second round of raids, 100 people in Virginia state are on the list of deportation order that causes fear among family of migrants.

USviewer: According to internal documents obtained by Reuters, Immigration and Customs Enforcement is planning a second round of raids in a 30 day surge beginning later this month.

About 100 people in Virginia are on that list.

“It’s not fair!  I don’t have a criminal record, I live in the country almost 11 years,” said a woman who spoke with WUSA9 on the condition of anonymity.  

She said the gang violence that made her leave El Salvador a decade ago has only gotten worse. Her 15-year-old daughter had to flee to save her life – she’s been in the U.S. just one month.

“If she goes back to my country she will be killed – 100%.”

Immigrant Advocates with the Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations are promising to fight planned deportations.

According to internal documents obtained by Reuters, ICE is planning a second round of raids (the first was in January) with a 30 day surge beginning in May focusing on women and children who were told to leave the country.

ICE is targeting undocumented immigrants who had deportation orders and were no shows in court. An ICE spokesperson said they cannot “confirm or deny the existence of specific law enforcement actions.”  But she said undocumented immigrants who arrived in the U.S. after January 2014 are priorities for removal.”

“They’re punishing the people who were not lucky enough to get a non-profit lawyer like me,” explained Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg.  He said there is only one immigration court in Virginia, located in an office building in Crystal City.

Many illegals cannot afford a lawyer or cannot make it to the courthouse, especially if they live hours away.  He said it seems like the Obama administration has drawn a line in the sand in 2012.

“If you came illegally in my first term I want to help you stay, I want to give you DAPA [Deferred Action for Parents of Americans] and waivers,” Sandoval-Moshenberg said, “but if you came in my second term – deportation.  It’s totally schizophrenic.”

A summer time decision by the Supreme Court on the DAPA could mean this mom is in the clear - thanks to her 8-year-old American-born daughter.

But for her 15-year-old who just rejoined the family, there is uncertainty.

“She scared, but I told her nothing will happen, but we have to prepare because you never know what can happen.”

According to wusa9, When asked what she would do if her daughter is deported; she sighed and said, “I don’t know.”

Advocates said during the first round of ICE raids in January, parents were so afraid they stopped sending their children to school.  So they set up a hotline to answer any questions: 571-289-8508.

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