Thousands of acres in California, New Mexico and Arizona have consumed by wildfires, conditions being worsened.

The hopeful triangle (Trump, Clinton and Sanders) are now facing a quite delicate balance of powers, as the golden state primary is only one day ahead.

A widespreading fire Saturday hit the suburbs of Los Angeles, leading to folks forcefully evacuate their residences, according to local authorities.

Democratic hopeful Bernie sanders Wednesday delivered a pulic speech in Palo Alto; an event which received an extraordinary accolade of passionate supporters.

A fatal shooting on Wednesday has taken the lives of two people at UCLA according to police and staff, making the former to lock down the university.

8 people arrested in Trump rally in California because they didn't respect to Police's order for breaking up the protest, police said.

California on Wednesday announced it ends strict mandatory water conservation rules because wet winter eased conditions in parts of the state.

Northern California congressman's father pleaded guilty to making excessive campaign contributions and making contributions in someone else's name.

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