President Xi Jinping has promised to fight terrorist activity after deaths of national Fan Jinghui and European Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad

Although the US military “do not seek” a new Cold War, it is determined to oppose the rising global powers – Russia and China – in order to protect the US-dominated “international order,” US Defense Secretary Ash Carter has said.

U.S. defense chief said that Disputes over territory in the South China Sea are causing countries in the region to increase their demand for an American security presence

US hawks and neocons are concerned about Russia's further rapprochement with China, fearing that it could evolve into a powerful military alliance; should the US beware of the "Eurasian colossus?"

The United States has informed the Southeast Asian countries that it will soon send its warships to the disputed areas in the South China Sea

Reporting from Lima, Peru, during the International Monetary Fund-World Bank meeting at the weekend, Financial Times market analyst John Authers expressed the view that a recent rise in commodity prices may have been due to the belief that Chinese authorities were in control of the economy and the slowdown may not be as severe as had been feared.

Investors that have roiled global markets and thrown Federal Reserve policy off track should focus on the strength of the U.S. economy rather than the more remote risks of a global slowdown, Atlanta Federal Reserve bank president Dennis Lockhart said on Wednesday

China's yuan slipped against the dollar on Monday after the central bank fixed a weaker guidance rate, traders said

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