Three White high school football players raped their teammate at Dietrich High School in Idaho just for his race as black man.

Carolina Church Shooter Dylann Roof who shot Carolina church in 2015 will face death penalty with US Department of Justice decision.

Last Tuesday amid anti-Trump protest in Albuquerque, New Mexico, some police officers were injured among the large number of protesters.

Albuquerque was the scene of chaos and protest last Tuesday, after Trump speech. Many of people who protested against Republican Party nominee Donald Trump arrested by New Mexico police.

Amid surging harassment report in Grand Canyon The superintendent announced he has chosen retirement due to proper address of issue hostile work environments.

A new poll in America disclosed that over half of the Americans demand for canceling Obamacare.

Studies at University of Hawaii at Manoa shows that a 9+ magnitude earthquake will rock the Aleutian Islands and trigger a mega-tsunami that could easily reach Hawaii, disrupting its infrastructure and economy within the next 50 years.

NY times released a story about Trump unsettling personal behavior with woman as a business man, treating women as sexual objects.

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