President Trump's ban on refugees from mostly Muslim nations could be used as propaganda by the Islamic State to recruit more violence-prone members, experts said Sunday.

President Trump presented such a graceless and disturbingly ahistoric vision of America on Friday that his Inaugural Address cast more doubt than hope on his presidency.

Renaissance, or Armageddon? It depends on whether you love or loathe Donald J. Trump, our against-all-odds, precedent-shattering 45th U.S. president.

Tax cuts, deregulation and more federal spending advocated by the incoming Trump administration are a classic remedy for economic stagnation and long unemployment lines.

Riveting as President-elect Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice-style cabinet selection process may be, we should not forget that President Barack Obama still has more than two weeks left in office.

The worldwide reach and vast range of products, brands and services owned by the extended Trump family members are orders of magnitude more complex than retired ExxonMobil Chief Executive Rex Tillerson?s holdings, which he has agreed to shed, with much of it going into a blind trust.

Billions of Christians around the world are excited to celebrate Christmas this weekend. Those in the world?s second-largest religious community, Muslims, don?t share quite the same excitement. In a few Muslim-majority countries, like Saudi Arabia, Brunei and Somalia, Christmas celebrations are banned. In Turkey, my country, they are not illegal, but some Islamist groups still organize annual protests against Christmas trees and Santa Claus costumes, which they consider Western impositions.

Obama, after meeting at Camp David with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, successor to the crown, said: "He is young and very talented with extensive circle of information. He seems smarter than his age.

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