American intelligence officials are used to forecasting how foreign elections will affect the United States. But whatever would foreign prognosticators make of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the world of November 9 and beyond?

The United States has seen worse than Donald Trump. It has endured political crises and corruption, war abroad and bloodshed at home. But that doesn?t make it any easier to contemplate the catastrophe that looms if we wake up Wednesday morning to President-elect Trump.

Europeans, plagued by many worries these days, have genuine anxieties about their American ally ? in part because the North Atlantic Alliance and the security it guarantees depend on Washington?s reliability and predictability. America?s other allies and partners around the world share their misgivings. Indeed, America?s adversaries and nonaligned countries must likewise take into account high uncertainty about the future direction of U.S. foreign policy.

A Canadian Website with reference to the objectives behind Democratic presidential candidate of the US, wrote: America's electoral circus is a means to divert attention from important and serious issues.

Imagine if it were Hillary Clinton who had had five children by three husbands, who had said it was fine to refer to her daughter as a ?piece of ass,? who participated in a radio conversation about oral sex in a hot tub, who rated men based on their body parts, who showed up in Playboy soft porn videos.

The most controversial presidential campaign in modern American history has sharpened a long-standing debate: Is it ethical to not vote?

Two years into Washington?s war against Islamic State, it may finally be winning. At the same time, however, its influence over events in the broader Middle East seems perhaps terminally in decline.

there is one thing Americans want most from their president: jobs

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