Nearly two years ago, Hillary Clinton commissioned an armada of white papers on economic policy to prepare for what her team assumed would be a presidential battle with a Republican such as Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio, who were making wonky appeals to the middle class the central planks of their campaigns.

One could get a headache watching some of the trending videos these days graphically depicting suicide attacks, bombings, police brutality, civil wars... The list could go on to make one's head spin. You may wonder what is peculiar to 2016 that has turned it into a non-stop horror show and more important is the authenticity of the widespread speculation that the years to come are the ones during which human beings would finally unleash their atrocity potential.

The main axis of the lead lecturer Dr. Mirloyi's arguements, university prefessor and researcher, revolved around the violation of human rights in United States.

It may take a while for French authorities and citizenry to forget the horrors of warlike situation in their soil. Charlie Ebdo incident, Paris attack and now Bastille Day truck attack in Nice may stand as separate tragedies to be passionately mourned and to be covered thoroughly along the social media. But what do these terror attacks stand for as a whole?

The convention of "Hijab and chastity in American culture" was held Wednesday in American Affairs Research Center. Dr. Danesh, Political sciences university professor in U.S., was the lead lecturer and here follows the key points mentioned in his speech.

The meeting entitled “Social Insecurity Crisis in America in the Light of Freedom to Bear Arms” is held by the Institute of World Studies by the presence of Dr. Saeed Bani Hashemi, professor and analyst of international affairs, on June 22, 2016.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey's recommendation that no charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for her use of an unclassified email server while secretary of state is significant, but what he did not address is equally important.

Black or white, the police are paid to oppress, not protect. Black or white, citizens have good cause to be afraid of them. That’s the nature of the system. It’s another reason the system has got to go

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