In the light of recent events, strong and consistent as the movement is, "Black Lives Matter" has become both a haven and a role model for demonstrators against blatant police violence throughout U.S.

Heedless of how many civilians are being killed in each so-called "signature strike", U.S. military officials have no intention of putting an end to these targeted killings under the pretext of "fighting against terrorist links".

Fabricating a fasle impression of backing Donald Trump by a billion dollar capital at the begining of his campaign, the astounding number of potential sponsors of the Republican nominee are now avoiding him at this critical period before his final showdown with Hillary Clinton.

NRA's pride parade on its 145th birthday represented a thorough collection of weapons as comprehensive to include a late 19th century Gatling gun. This was amid a growing propaganda against terror acts and Islam. Here we look at the main factor playing a role in the death of innocent U.S. Citizens.

This article touches briefly upon the various factors playing a role in this event.

As Hillary Clinton spoke Tuesday, Donald Trump’s campaign blasted out nine rapid-response emails to counter the Democrat’s narrative that he would be disastrous for the country’s economy. Trump trashed Clinton on Twitter as well but didn't use his “Crooked Hillary” nickname.

Does Hillary Clinton have Christian faith?

The comments about Omar Mateen's way to lunatic radicalism are divided into two camps. Some argue that the Orlando shooter's burst into a paroxysm of anger was due to "homophobia"- killing the former fellow-homosexuals- while others believe that he was mentally manipulated by ISIS.

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