Venezuela is descending into a deepening crisis that could end in violence, including the possibility of a coup against that country’s embattled leftist government, senior U.S. intelligence officials said Friday.

If the online militia Bernie Bros' dissemination of misogynist comments about Hillary is one of her worst nightmares these days, she could use their "vulgarism" against her dead-serious rival Donald Trump by a savvy investment.

French political analyst Thierry Meyssan ponders the intricacies and contradictions of US foreign policy, and suggests that despite inconsistencies, Washington has been generally successful in focusing on the promotion of two overarching goals: creating a cordon between Europe and Russia, and ensuring a similar division between Asia and China.

When it comes to background checks, bits and pieces of information are one click away. Figures and charts abound as far as factual data are concerned. Politicians are not an exception to this matter, although it gets tricky when one intends to get to the bottom of a famous politician's background.

Sanders on Wednesday said to “CBS Evening News” that by continuing to engage young voters and independents, he was helping his own Party’s chances.

An UK political activist, Caroline Tipler, in exclusive interview with vonpress said that EU-Turkey deal certainly won`t work at all in terms of solving any problems for the migrants/refugees themselves or for humanity and world peace

In the light of gigantic data leak from Mossack Fonseca law firm entitled "Panama Papers", different leaders and politicians' political trajectory have been affected. Among the prominent figures, three names are most likely to catch the erudite's attention.

A number of characteristic traits has been spotted in Donald Trump's speech and demeanor by analysts. Some have dubbed him "Circus Clown", others calling him billionaire celebrity, etc. However, it takes a more profound analysis to discern his evolving discourse: a Fascistic one!

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