A US political activist in an interview with Presstv said while human right has been violated inside united state, US government uses it to give itself leverage to intervene into other countries domestic affairs.

As the GOP front-runner tries to sweet-talk voters into supporting him by fabricating a fictitious fancy image of himself, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic hopeful has set off to give out a full accounting of the Republican monster.

Obama politic of diplomacy and outreach when taken into the effect cause many of world leaders see him as the bad guy that unable to manage global crisis.

Speculation regarding the origins and motivations of who is behind the Panama Papers leak has been racing, particularly as the larger issue of tax evasion – including tax aversions – appears to be heating up in Washington D.C. Who is responsible for the largest journalist data leak in history? A hacker or disgruntled internal employee? Or perhaps this is a global conspiracy, which is a topic advanced by certain world leaders. And most important of all, why the names of American officials do not show up in the list as frequently as those of the others?

turnout of socially conservative voters in many of the 11 states where the measures appeared on the ballot on November 3, 2004, political analysts say, providing crucial assistance to Proposed state constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage increased the Republican candidates including President Bush in Ohio and Senator Jim Bunning in Kentucky.

Bernie Sanders is better Democratic nominee than Clinton due to his trillion-dollar, five-year infrastructure program and what his health-care system overhaul would entail and his plan to make college more affordable which includes free tuition at public colleges and universities.

2016 Presidential elections gained a new momentum Tuesday after Sanders' and Cruz' victories in Wisconsin. A whole new perspective looms large after the front-runers' failure on both camps.

In America, race is the single biggest factor in determining whether you live near a toxic waste site. In mostly white states, it’ll be the black or Latino neighborhoods that get the oil refineries or garbage incinerators.

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