A storm system that triggered deadly tornadoes and flooding in the U.S. Midwest and Southwest was pushing north on Tuesday, bringing snow and ice to a swath of the country from Iowa to Massachusetts, and setting up another day of air travel delays.

In further evidence of America’s gun violence epidemic, 27 people were shot and killed on Christmas Day – more gun homicides than most countries see in an entire year.

The father of Quintonio LeGrier, the teenager fatally shot by Chicago police over the weekend, has taken legal action against the city of Chicago.

Prosecutors say the police officer who killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice outside a Cleveland recreation center last year won't face criminal charges. Neither will the other officer who was with him.

Critics said it wouldn't last. It was a blip on the radar of protest movements. It would fade away like Occupy Wall Street. With no clear structure and no strong leader, some said, it was bound to fail, especially when the infighting began. But still it rises -- and polarizes.

Police say the little boy was visiting family in southwest Miami-Dade for the holidays; shooting involved a high-powered rifle.

The families of two black Chicagoan killed by police accused officers on Sunday of having used excessive force and Mayor Rahm Emanuel of having failed them, piling pressure on a city facing a U.S. federal probe over possible racial bias in policing.

Some major US cities are struggling to manage rising homeless populations which have spread beyond the areas known as Skid Row

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