Amid lingering weakness in some parts of the market, Home prices jump in result of rising demand and supply constraints.

U.S. appeal court on Tuesday has ruled that police can obtain cell phone location data without a warrant base on a decades-old legal theory that it had already been disclosed to a third party.

A group of South Asian migrants said that they were beaten and forced into body bags by US Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE) officials.

The shrinking middle class is in part a reflection of rising income inequality in America, and of the same underlying and uneven economic forces that have fueled the rise of Donald Trump. And as the middle class has been shrinking, median incomes have fallen, too. In 190 of these 229 metros, the median income dropped over this same time.

A study by the Health Care Cost Institute suggested that Wiscon medical services' price are higher than other US states and said health insurance in US is expensive because health care is expensive.

A new poll reads America's public school teachers are growing increasingly frustrated in their jobs due to low payment and the inability to get their voices heard.

A white Utah teacher used a racially charged word in his junior high class, official said that he violated school district policy and appropriate administrative action was taken against him.

59% U.S. adults agree with free child care for all Americans. They are divided about removing tuition at public colleges and universities.

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