The US Department of Justice has launched a criminal investigation into the widespread international tax avoidance schemes exposed by the Panama Papers leak, published by the Guardian and other journalistic partners.

U.S police arrested About 300 at the U.S. Capitol, bringing to more than 1,200 the total number of arrests made in connection with demonstrations.

Michigan governor to drink Flint water in show of safety that drew immediate criticism from some Flint residents as a public relations exercise.

The Chicago Teachers Union is planing one-day strike over refusing of a proposed four-year contract that they think it violet their right.

Almost 8 in 10 Americans say they're dissatisfied or angry with the way the federal government is working, while about the same proportion say they're satisfied or enthusiastic about their personal lives.

A Georgia Republican legislator was arrested for speeding and driving while intoxicated with four children in his SUV.

The Citadel military college in South Carolina is considering a request by an incoming Muslim student to wear a hijab, the school said in a statement on Friday.

New York City government agencies have prepared plans for top officials detailing how the city could build two 2,000-bed facilities as "alternatives" to the decaying Rikers Island jail, according to city documents.

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