As one of Sanders proposal to reduce superdelegates role in primary election, The Democratic Rules Committee voted to limit the role of them and bind two-thirds of them to state primary and caucus results.

Tropical Storm Darby is nearing landfall on the eastern short of the Big Island of Hawaii, bringing heavy rain and a potential for flooding and landslides

authorities on Saturday said Four people were shot at killed an apartment complex in Texas

The U.S. Department of Justice said Pennsylvania town broke federal law by rejecting mosque plans.

Clinton on Friday announced that she pick of Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as the party's vice presidential candidate this fall.

The Virginia Supreme Court ruled on Friday against governor's attempt to restore more than 200,000 felons' voting rights.

Kerry in travels to Laos' capital Vientiane on Monday will seek to find diplomatic solution for South China Sea tensions as tensions between China and several ASEAN members getting to worse.

About 300 homes were evacuated on Saturday as a wildfire burned through some 3,300 acres of parched land northwest of Los Angeles.

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