In EU trip , Obama tried to show support for his EU allies as his opponents have said that his outreach policy when take into the effect cause many of world leaders see him as the bad guy unable to manage global crises.

The Obama administration will release hidden part of 9/11, shedding light on Saudi Arabia role in the attacks.

The U.S. plans to send up to 250 additional military personnel to Syria to fight Islamic State.

Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the top U.S. military officer, made his second trip to Egypt in two months this weekend, a visit that underscored growing concern about ISIS-linked militants and ongoing efforts to address friction in the countries’ military partnership.

Obama in his trip to UK said that "he did not think so-called ISIS would be defeated in his last nine months of office."

Obama on Sunday said: "U.S. and UK will face more obstacles in their commercial relation if Britain leaves the EU" in an interview with BBC.

North Korea’s test today of what appeared to be a submarine-launched ballistic missile was “a clear violation” of UN Security Council resolutions, the United States said, warning it was watching intently.

Satellite images show that North Korea may have resumed tunnel excavation at its main nuclear test site, activity seen ahead of the country's most recent nuclear test in January, a U.S. North Korea monitoring website reported on Wednesday.

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