While the United States uses economic sanctions against other countries, Pope Francis met U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the Vatican on Saturday morning and the two discussed the need for morality in the world economy before the pontiff left for a visit to the Greek island of Lesbos.

President Obama will pay a rare visit to CIA headquarters Wednesday as the United States weighs sending more forces to Iraq to fight the Islamic State group.

Because of some problems in primary elections in Arizona Clinton and her Party joined to sue Arizona state over voting problems in last month’s presidential primary, including long lines that had residents waiting hours to cast their ballots.

Two Russian jets flew in a simulated attack passes close to a U.S. guided missile destroyer in the Baltic Sea on Tuesday, the U.S. army said, with one official declared them as one of the most offensive interactions in last memories.

The United States and allied countries armies have the ISIS on the defensive, President Obama said Wednesday, with the terrorist population failing back to mountain due to a single aggressive attack in Syria or Iraq since last summer.

U.S., South Korea kick off drill amid Pyongyang accusation that the United States and South Korea are planning to remove Kim Jong Un’s regime.

It was supposed to be finalized at “an English breakfast” last Friday, said The Daily Telegraph. But in the event it wasn’t until dinner the next day that EU leaders, after more than 30 hours of negotiations, finally agreed to a new deal with Britain – a deal, it is claimed, that gives the UK a “special status” within the EU.

Nine US citizens have been arrested on terror charges in Saudi Arabia, local media report. The Americans were among a total of 33 terror suspects detained over the past week.

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