With Americans expected to eat the most pork since 2007, money managers are now the most-bullish since 2014 on hog futures, which already are at a nine-month high. Fast-food restaurant owners like McDonald’s Corp. are selling more bacon, and the price of pork bellies used to make the rashers has surged 30 percent this year.

Alabama’s governor signed a bill that blocks cities and towns from increasing minimum wage, while this state struggle with poverty and People cannot pull themselves up by their bootstraps if they can’t afford boots.

United States Attorney Deborah R. Gilg announced that on May 14, 2015, Thomas Schropp, 53, of Omaha, Nebraska, was sentenced for arson and insurance fraud.

With 55 shootings since the start of the year, the city of Santa Ana is struggling to contain a surge in gang-related violence.

Despite running unopposed in his last two reelections, State Senator Dean Kirby appears to have used his campaign account to purchase a vehicle and four years of automobile insurance, totaling $36,744.38 in vehicle-related expenditures between June 2011 and now.

Sanders would impose a variety of new taxes on the wealthy, on corporations and on Wall Street trade.

Bernie Sanders said that the $5 billion fine imposed this week on the giant investment bank Goldman Sachs proves that the US financial system centered on Wall Street is based on fraud.

California residents sickened and forced to evacuate their homes in the biggest methane gas leak in state history voiced their frustrations at a public meeting on Friday, with many saying they opposed the resumption of work at the natural gas facility.

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