Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., announced his plan for Wall Street on Tuesday -- a plan that involves breaking up banks deemed "too big to fail."

The possibility of the US economy slowing down over the course of next few years has surged by 75%, according to JPMorgan analysts.

A deal to fund the U.S. government met resistance on Wednesday from conservative Republicans concerned about spending, as well as House of Representatives Democrats who complained about corporate tax breaks and a planned end to a ban on U.S. oil exports.

The Economic Policy Institute has released a study citing Walmart’s trade deficit with China as the root cause of 400,000 jobs being lost from the US workforce, over 75 percent of which were in manufacturing. However, others say the news isn’t so grim.

U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders unveiled a climate change plan on Monday that seeks to end the country's dependence on oil, coal and nuclear energy and could pressure party front-runner Hillary Clinton.

The E.coli outbreak that hit Chipotle Mexican Grill this fall also sickened people in Illinois, Maryland and Pennsylvania, three states that had not previously been affected, health officials said Friday

After years waiting for an invasion of Chinese cars that never came, General Motors says it's going to be the first of Detroit's Big 3 to offer a Chinese-made model for sale in the U.S. -- a Buick SUV.

The U.S. trade deficit climbed 3.4% in October as exports of American-supplied goods and services fell to the lowest level in three years.

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