The five people who died in a murder suicide in Pennsylvania over the weekend were identified as two parents and their three children, all of whom were shot to death, a local district attorney said on Sunday.

TPD now have in custody 41 human traffickers some of whom are charged with prostitution-related crimes following an online sting in Nashville.

Nazia Ali had removed her sneakers, finished sending a text message to her parents and was putting on headphones and settling into her seat for the nine-hour flight from Paris to Cincinnati when a Delta Air Lines crew member approached her and her husband, Faisal.

A federal judge ruled on Friday that eight anti-government militants facing criminal charges in the armed takeover of an Oregon wildlife center can now communicate with each other ahead of a trial set for next month.

30 were slightly injured on Friday following the fence collapse at a hip hop concert in New Jersey.

Twin infant girls died after they were left in a car in northwest Georgia during a hot, humid day on Thursday, Atlanta media reported.

Homes and businesses were damaged as a result of Heavy rains in Baltimore suburb, an official said

Aiming at helping the destitude in the area with funds and job opportunities , president Obama library is planned to be built in southern Chicago, according to a statement made by his administration on Friday.

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