Ohio man Eric Warfel was found guilty on Wednesday of abusing his daughter's corpse who had been dead in crib over a month.

With a large crowd of them being rousted out of Honolulu beaches due to highly restrictive criminal laws, Hawaii still holds the record for the proportional homeless population.

Ohio officials have excluded the name of thousands of folks from voters' roll, as they haven't participated in election since 2008.

Beginning at 2013, the process of looking upon normal citizens as internally displaced has recently taken a new more unfair shape in Kansas, depriving a multitude of US citizens of their voting rights.

Although he was trying to drop the second degree murder charge by reducing it to a technical mistake, Robert Bates, former Oklahoma volunteer sheriff's deputy, was Tuesday eas sentenced to 4 years in jail.

Portland Public Schools allowed children drink poisoned water as the high levels of lead were detected in the school's water, they did not notify parents.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Friday that he is abolishing the agency that currently investigates police misconduct as a result of poor action.

Boston Globe reveals a report on Monday reads that More than 200 students have been sexually abused by administrators, teachers since 1991.

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